FlameTree Baptist Church

Church seating 

FlameTree Baptist Church is based in Queensland, Australia. In 2021, they decided to update their pew seating with a more modern seating option. They chose 450 of our Church chair, in the Black & Grey Rhombus fabric. 

There were a few main characteristics that were important to FlameTree when deciding on which product to purchase. They needed a high quality chair that could withstand frequent use with minimal wear and tear. They also had an upholsterer in the congregation, so getting the right upholstery and a good quality foam was important. 

Alloyfold was able to provide a solution to all of the above - our Church chair is strong & durable, and has been made with high use, demanding environments in mind. Additionally, our Church Chairs come with Airtech foam on the seat and back - this is a special foam designed to provide better comfort over a longer period of time. It will also last longer than normal cut foam - we provide a 15 year warranty on the foam in our seats. These elements were important to FlameTree, and something that Alloyfold could provide confidence in. 

FlameTree needed their seats relatively quickly, and Alloyfold was able to work with them to ensure they were manufactured and ready to be delivered on time. When this delivery date got pushed out by FlameTree, Alloyfold was able to provide storage for the chairs so they could be delivered at the most convenient time.

Church chair
QLD, Australia
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Church chair