The Power of Social Procurement

26 February 2020

Often corporate social responsibility is bolted onto a business, not ingrained in it. 

Organisations will donate to charities, or hold a staff fundraising day; they might set aside time for their people to work on community projects or lend their support through pro bono work.

All great things but they are small steps in doing some good.

The big shifts come through fundamental business decisions. 

The procurement process for example is where a company can go from considering CSR as a have to do, to ingraining it in their business activities.

They move from taking small steps, to big shifts.

Take something as simple as chairs. 

We produce exceptional commercial seating and we compete against others in the market. 

But we can offer something more than a quality product. Our profits go to helping some of society's most vulnerable get a second chance, through employability training, drug and rehabilitation work, reintegration programmes and more. 

By taking that into account during the procurement process an organisation starts to have a positive impact on the world around them, without having to compromise on quality.

And seating is just one business decision.

Expand that into every procurement process and big things start to happen.