Our portable, stackable, contract chairs are built to last for the hire and rental industry.  Our folding chairs and lightweight plastic chairs are strong, durable and feature innovations to make your rental inventory last.
Alloyfold A6 Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 84.3 cm W: 44.5 cm D: 40 cm
Alloyfold A2 Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 84 cm W: 44 cm D: 47 cm
Alloyfold A6XL Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 85 cm W: 49 cm D: 42 cm
Alloyfold Fanback Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 88.2 cm W: 44.5 cm D: 52 cm
Bella Evolution Resin Folding Chair
H: 78 cm W: 44 cm D: 42 cm
Bella Slat Resin Folding Chair
H: 78 cm W: 44 cm D: 42 cm
Chiavari Duratech Resin Event Chair
H: 91 cm W: 40 cm D: 44 cm
Cube Plastic Stacking Chair
H: 80 cm W: 38 cm D: 47 cm
Wooden Chiavari Wooden Chair
H: 92 cm W: 39.8 cm D: 39.8 cm
Wooden Bella Wooden Folding Chair
H: 78.5 cm W: 44.7 cm D: 36 cm
Junior Chiavari Children's Chair
H: 62 cm W: 30 cm D: 30 cm
Junior Bella Children's Event Chair
H: 53 cm W: 33.5 cm D: 29 cm